PLAN A: An Abolitionist Zine

WISH is thrilled to present the first issue of our zine, PLAN A.

PLAN A grew out of our work organizing against the proposed rebuilding of a youth jail and court buildings in Seattle’s Central District (you can read more about our work here). The zine features the voices of incarcerated youth, incarcerated adults, lawyers, advocates, activists, family members of incarcerated people – all folks who are engaged in the struggle to create a world without prisons, a world in which, as zine contributor Jasy Ore writes, each of us can “[f]low into a whole community / who will care for you / who will teach with you / who will grow with you / -and anyone you may have hurt / or those who have hurt you / … / Because you’re the community, too. / You are Us.”

So what does PLAN A stand for? Abolition! Art! Accessibility! Advocacy! Amazing Anthems! Attitude! Action! And…you tell us.

PLAN A: An Abolitionist Zine, Issue No. 1 (print version)

Online viewable version available here


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