This website was started during an initial wave of work against the proposed $210 million new youth jail in Seattle, in 2012. Below is the original introduction that was posted when activists were working under the organization name Washington Incarceration Stops Here. Since then, the work has grown and changed and more and more organizations and people have become a part of efforts to stop the project, and the people working through WISH shifted to working through a variety of other formations.  The website is still full of useful info and we will keep adding updates to it and to the WISH Facebook page, in hopes of continuing to keep people informed about how to join the fight.

Original Introduction:

Check out this new interactive timeline of WISH’s work!

Washington Incarceration Stops Here (WISH) is a grassroots group dedicated to opposing prisons, criminalization and immigration enforcement. We started in April 2012 as a group of people who want to stop King County’s plans to spend $210 million dollars to build a new youth jail and court buildings at 12th and Alder in the Central District of Seattle. The plan also includes building commercial spaces that will further gentrify the Central District.

Incarceration, racist policing, immigration enforcement and child “welfare” programs are tearing our communities apart. We believe that these punishment based strategies have failed and we are working together to move our region in a new direction—toward meeting everyone’s needs for housing, education, healthcare, food and justice, and stopping the cycle of poverty, criminalization and violence.

Here are the points of unity that we organize around:

  1. People should be able to make decisions about their own lives
  2. Nobody should be poor
  3. Nobody should be in jail or behind bars
  4. Police are dangerous to our communities
  5. We can keep each other safe

Interested in coming to a meeting? Come organize with us! We meet weekly on Mondays at 7:30pm at The Pipsqueak (on the corner of 16th & Spruce, just East of the Juvie).

Looking for a free workshop on the School to Prison Pipeline for your class or group? Email us at nonewyouthjail@riseup.net

Wondering what events we have coming up? Check us out on facebook, or join us on Valentine’s Day for a Noise Demo a the Juvie.

Want more information? Email us at nonewyouthjail@riseup.net


2 Replies to “About”

    1. Yes–people from many different communities and organizations have been meeting together to build momentum against the new youth jail for the last 5 months or so. Our meetings are currently on Tuesdays at 6pm at Washington Hall on 14th Ave in Seattle, if you’d like to participate. Hope to see you at the event on Thursday!

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