Youth Jail Fact Sheet

Did you know: in the 2019-2020 budget, the county proposed only $2.7 million in new funds to be used toward its “Zero Youth Detention” initiative, while simultaneously proposing $22,365,943 in additional funds for the now $233 million youth jail and courthouse complex. Over $1 million of these so-called Zero Youth Detention funds are for Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) technologies, which are used for surveilling and incarcerating youth. EHM should not ever be considered part of a Zero Youth Detention plan. It’s clear Dow Constantine, King County Executive keeps prioritizing jailing and surveilling kids over real community-based solutions!! If you want more facts like this, go to and make a post with one of the facts! #LoveTheYouth #HateTheJail #NoNewYouthJail #TheFightIsNotOverUntil #LoveIs #DowConstantine