King County Exposed: New Report on County’s Misconduct Revealed through Public Records Requests

Today, August 20 at 11:30am, the No New Youth Jail Coalition is holding a rally at the King County Chinook Building in downtown Seattle to demand that the County stop building the jail and court complex and repurpose the site and resources to meet human needs. We are also launching our new report, King County Exposed: The County’s Efforts to Guarantee Youth Incarceration.  Dow Constantine says he is committed to ending youth detention, but our public records requests reveal something quite different. 

This report documents:

  • The County’s actions to push the project forward without meaningful input by community members;
  • The County’s attempts to silence any opposition to the project;
  • The County’s refusal to adopt recommendations provided by experts the County hired to evaluate the project;
  • The impact the juvenile jail and courthouse will have on the lives of those–primarily poor people of color–who are forced to walk through its doors;
  • The County’s willingness to risk catastrophic budget shortfalls in its efforts to complete the project despite a court ruling that the tax levy that is supposed to pay for it was improper.

Read the report and join us at the Chinook Building on today at 11:30am!