Sharing wisdom and guidance from the mijente movement organizers on what it means to Abolish ICE

“Histories of social movements show time and again that powerful organizing makes the impossible possible. As the demand to Abolish ICE begins to catch fire, we must not forget that it was profoundly criminalized working class and poor undocumented people who first had the courage to challenge assimilationist demands in favor of aspirational ones. It was them and their accomplices who dared to dream up a campaign that could fight to win the end of their own incarcerations and deportations. A motley crew of undocumented people, women of color, queers, and grassroots organizers first pushed forward the demand for ‘not one more deportation,’ prefiguring the current moment. As the words of Assata Shakur remind us, it’s those who ‘have nothing to lose but our chains’ who have made the most daring demands in times of conformity. When we forget this we lose lessons about how movements are born, pivot and win.” -Maru Mora Villalpando, Tania Unzueta and Angelica Chazaro


What policies are needed to #AbolishICE? (From Mijente)
Abolish ICE
Remove attorney general Jeff sessions and reimagine the criminal division of the department of justice
Repeal laws criminalizing migration
End operation streamline
Enact non-cooperation policies at the state and local levels that go beyond sanctuary laws
End all forms of immigrant detention
End all contracts between private sector and governmental agencies for immigration enforcement
Defund the border patrol and fund border rescue
Stop funding and training other governments to carry out immigration policing

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