Did King County Censor Emails to Employees?


Coalition members deliver a flyer to King County employees in person to let them know that the ACLU has signed on to figure out if King County has been blocking e-mail messages to them about the youth jail.

No New Youth Jail Coalition members argue that the County’s apparent actions are only the latest in a pattern of attempting to repress public outcry about the controversial youth jail project. The No New Youth Jail Coalition has been part of a six-year fight against the $233 million project to build a new youth jail and court complex at 12th and Alder in Seattle. In March, the Coalition delivered a letter to Constantine outlining the widespread opposition to the project and demanding a moratorium on construction. When Constantine did not reply, the Coalition declared a “People’s Moratorium” and has engaged in sustained protest aimed at stopping construction and redirecting the resources for the project and the site itself toward unmet human needs rather than youth incarceration.