Restorative Justice Programs: Wa-BLOC Washington Building Leaders of Change

Often the question comes up, “What are examples of restorative justice programs that can divert young folks from incarceration?”

Well, let’s roll through some examples:

29354766_1612339448804038_3312707851831515006_oWa-BLOC Washington Building Leaders of Change. WA-BLOC visions a South Seattle that is a thriving nucleus of Black and Brown excellence where community-connected, place-based intergenerational leaders Harambee [come together] for equity, transformative education, and liberation.

#RestorativeJustice is WA-BLOC’s powerful approach to discipline that builds healthy communities by focusing on repairing harm through inclusive processes that engage all parties involved. This holistic approach to behavior shifts the focus of discipline to from punishment to learning and from the individual to the community. WA-BLOC trains all staff in restorative conversation practices and uses a reflection room and restorative circles to solve conflicts.