Free Nestora Salgado, indigenous leader & political prisoner! Rally Tuesday 12/10!

 Free Nestora Salgado, indigenous leader & political prisoner!

Protest at the Mexican Consulate

2132 3rd Ave in Downtown Seattle

(Corner of 3rd & Lenora St)


International Human Rights Day

Tuesday, Dec. 10, 11am-1pm

FB event here

Who is Nestora Salgado?

Nestora Salgado is an indigenous leader, a naturalized U.S. citizen and political prisoner in Mexico. She was seized without an arrest warrant by Mexican federal soldiers last August and as a result of her leadership role in community policing against organized crime, which has swept through the indigenous communities of the state of Guerrero over the last several years. Read more about her here

WYCI was recently able to speak in more detail with Nestora’s family about Nestora, the town of Olinala, and the efforts by the Mexican government to control the community police not just in Olinala but across the state of Guerrero. Nestora was arrested on August 21, 2013 on kidnapping charges. Prior to her arrest, the community policing group to which she belonged had received wide support for their work. Nestora had even been provided with body guards by the state at one point. All that changed with the community police’s arrest of a government representative for tampering with evidence. The state military was sent in and, instead of providing relief to families, has been harassing the town’s people to speak against Nestora. Luckily, Nestora has a strong family who is working tirelessly to not only obtain freedom for Nestora, but for the other community leaders of Guerrero like her. Listen to them share their story at Tuesday’s rally.

WISH supports the efforts to free Nestora, and thanks Who You Callin’ Illegal and other partner organizations and collectives for their work in this struggle.

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