Radical Women signs on!

We are proud to announce that Seattle Radical Women has signed onto the Points of Unity. Radical Women is a “trailblazing socialist feminist organization[,]… the revolutionary wing of the women’s movement and a strong feminist voice within the Left. Immersed in the daily fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, and labor exploitation, Radical Women believes in multi-issue organizing around the needs of the most oppressed. [Radical Women] view women’s leadership as decisive to social change and train women to take their place in the forefront of the struggle. Radical Women is an autonomous, all-women’s group, united on the basis of shared socialist feminist ideals expressed in The Radical Women Manifesto.”

In addition to signing the Points of Unity, Seattle Radical Women wrote this statement of support and explanation:

“Seattle Radical Women would like to sign on to your Points of Unity statement. We are in solidarity with your opposition to the criminalization of youth, especially youth of color. We support the effort to see that money from the King County ‘Children and Family Justice’ levy be used for youth, not against them. We support your initiative to reduce youth incarceration, in favor of providing desperately needed social services to them and their families. We also oppose the detention of anyone, especially young people, on the basis of their immigration status.

We view the racism of the entire legal system as one of the strongest proofs that capitalism is irredeemable and urgently needs to be replaced by a system run by the people for people, not by the wealthy for profit.”

Thanks to Radical Women for all your work.


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