Occupy Chaplains and Sherwood Coöperative sign onto the Points of Unity!

We’re very happy to announce that Occupy Chaplains Seattle and Sherwood Coöperative have signed onto the Points of Unity!

Occupy Chaplains Seattle is “a Seattle-based interfaith movement supporting the Occupy movement in the Seattle area,” with the goal of being “a faith based voice in the Puget Sound region, echoing the calls for economic and social justices as expressed by Occupy Wall Street…support[ing] the spiritual well-being and peaceful protest of the Occupy Movement in and around the Seattle area… [and] bridge[ing] the faith communities and Occupy Seattle.”

Sherwood Coöperative is a housing collective and intentional community located in Seattle’s University District since the 1970s, currently home to 16 people and 6 chickens. It is a member of North American Students of Coöperation (NASCO) and the Evergreen Land Trust (ELT). Part of Sherwood’s Mission Statement reads, “to live in and support a coöperative house is to make a conscious and conscientious choice for community in a society that moves continually toward isolation and fragmentation”−mass incarceration as promoted by the prison industrial complex is an agonizing example of this “isolation and fragmentation,” and for this reason and others the members of Sherwood decided to sign on to the Points of Unity.

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