Dyke Community Action Signs on to the Points of Unity!

We’re excited that Dyke Community Action has signed on to the Points of Unity! DCA describes their group as:

We are a group of lesbians who have been working together in Seattle since 1988.  Though much of our focus is on lesbian and women’s rights, we also consider it vital to fight other oppressions including racism, class injustice, anti-semitism against Arabs and Jews, ableism, and fat oppression.  We strive to make our events accessible to disabled and low-income persons.

We see making connections and building coalitions between different groups of people as an important part of creating social justice.  We have worked to bring up local and global issues within the lesbian community and to bring up lesbian issues in broader coalitions.  As we work together and learn about each other, we can better unite as allies in our individual struggles.

An important part of the work we have done is to educate ourselves and present forums to share information.  We have hosted movie and discussion series featuring such topics as the racist murder of Texan James Byrd, the anti-psychiatry movement, Rom (Gypsy) people, sex trafficking, the lives of lesbians in Singapore, Russia, and Israel, and much more.  We send the money raised from these events to local, national, and international groups whose work we support.

We have worked in coalition to build support for the 1999 Seattle protests against the WTO.  We have worked with other queer women on the Dyke March, as well as helping organize anti-war marches and International Women’s Day celebrations. DCA can be reached at dykeactivist at gmail dot com.

Thanks to DCA for joining our campaign against racist criminalization and child welfare systems!
And here are some more of the postcards folks have been sending back to us:2013-08-12 11.11.102013-09-04 11.26.11

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