Contribute to our zine!!

We’re looking for written or visual submissions showing what YOU would build with $210 million dollars on two square blocks in the Central District that would ACTUALLY enhance the community for youth and families.
If you are connected with people who are currently in prison, please send them this prompt as well!  If you know someone with something to say about why youth jails and the child “welfare” system don’t work and what we need instead, consider interviewing them and submitting that!


Submission Guidelines:

  • If your art or writing can be displayed in a black and white, 5.5in x 8.5in format, we’re excited about it. Maps, poetry, drawings, personal narrative, comics, interviews… get creative! Written submissions must be no more than 700 words.
  • If publishing under your own name, please include a two or three sentence bio about yourself. If you would like to submit anonymously or using a pseudonym, go right ahead!
  • People most affected by incarceration, policing and immigration enforcement will be given priority for publishing in this zine, especially work by currently or formerly incarcerated people, people of color, low-income or homeless people, youth, undocumented people, and people with disabilities.
  • We would love to help you brainstorm, or look over your work, or help you out with your submission in any other way you can think of. If you have questions or want editing help, contact Jude at jude.a.watson at gmail dot com.

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