Schedule for Thursday’s Festival of Resistance

Come hang out and meet your neighbors!

Schedule of events:
Noon: Gather to raise our voices against the criminalization of youth!
12-4: Music from Greg Lewis of the Wake Up God Dammit podcast
1-230: A conversation with the Capacity Project: Addressing Conflict and Harm Outside the Prison Industrial Complex
2pm: Workshop: Dealing with the Police
2-330: Workshop: Healing for Radical Transformation of the Self and Community
330-430: Workshop: Restorative Circles
430-530: Self Defense Workshop with Home Alive
6pm: Dinner
630: Movitas Marching Band ( and Noise Demo
7pm: Speakout
8pm: Screening of Visions of Abolition (

All day there will be art making, writing letters to prisoners, organizations tabling (including the Northwest Network ( and Free U, gardening, Please bring items for noisemaking, bannermaking, art supplies, snacks to share, and musical instruments.

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