July 9th March Makes the Connections

On July 9, activists co-organized a march connecting three important issues facing Seattlites: the proposal to put over $200 million into building a new youth jail and courts on 12th Avenue, the pollution caused by the Seattle Steam incinerator located near Pike Place Market, and the “redevelopment” of Yesler Terrace.  Over 100 people marched from the youth jail on 12th Avenue and Alder to Yesler Terrace and then downtown where we stopped traffic outside the adult jail.  At Yesler Terrace residents made speeches about their struggle against the Seattle Housing Authority. They shared information about their impressive urban farming project, and talked about the fear of retaliation, based in concrete experiences, that keeps many residents from raising their voices about the redevelopment.  Speakers made important connections, identifying that immigrant youth and youth of color living in low-income housing who are slated to lose housing soon are the same people who are targeted by police and end up in the youth jail.


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