Points of Unity from 2012-13

In 2012-2013  a local coalition of anti-jail activists organized the points of unity below and solicited sign-ons from local organizations.  This first wave of mobilization after the tax levee was approved was an important part of raising awareness and analysis about the project. Since then, many more organizations have stood up against the jail, though we did not continue seeking sign-ons for these particular points of unity.  This is a good archive of that early moment in the campaign.

Points of Unity

1)  The current juvenile punishment system is racist and classist.

2)  Criminalization and imprisonment are devastating our families and communities, especially targeting and harming immigrants, poor people and people of color.

3) Imprisoning youth does not work—it consumes resources and harms youth, disrupts education and family connections, exposes them to abuse, creates negative long-term outcomes in their lives, and does not make our communities any better or safer.

4) We believe that all youth should have the education, health care, housing, food, art, music and freedom to grow and thrive.

5) We believe that there are many alternatives to criminalization and imprisonment—especially providing youth and families with the resources they need and getting at the root causes of poverty—that can actually help our communities heal and rebuild.

Organizations that have signed on to the Pointy of Unity

API Chaya
Anakbayan Seattle
The Black Orchid Collective
The Coalition of Anti-Racist Whites (CARW)
Community to Community Development
The Culturally Appropriate and Responsive Education Center (CARE)
Dyke Community Activists
East African Community Services (EACS)
EPIC (End the Prison Industrial Complex), a project of the American Friends Service Committee
Freedom Education Project Puget Sound
Gender Justice League
Huskies for Fairness
Incarcerated Mothers Advocacy Project (University of Washington School of Law Chapter)
Jewish Voice for Peace Seattle
The Native Student and Family Wellness Initiative
No New Jim Crow Seattle Campaign
Occupy Chaplains Seattle
Palestinian Solidarity Committee – Seattle
Post-Prison Education Program
Queer Youth Space
Queers Against Israeli Apartheid Seattle
The Race/Knowledge Project
Radical Women
Reteaching Gender and Sexuality
Seattle Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Commission
Seattle Young People’s Project
Sherwood Coöperative
SUPER UW (Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights)
Trans Lives Matter
Transit Riders Union
Who You Callin’ Illegal

If you are part of an organization that cares about ending the school to prison pipeline, stopping the growth of racist criminalization regimes, defending black and native families from the child “welfare” system, stopping gentrification, directing resources towards supporting rather than destroying communities, stopping environmental destruction and prison profiteering, supporting low-income people, stopping the sexual and gender violence endemic to criminalization, or self-determination for communities facing state violence, please encourage your organization to sign on!

By signing on to these Points of Unity, you would join other organizations that are making a stand against a plan that is bad for our County, and that was not created in consultation with affected communities.

Please contact us if you would like to be added to the coalition or if you have any questions.


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